October Projects 2013


Opening Friday 4th October starts: 6-8pm
Marrickville Garage will be open Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th October, 11-4 pm


ARTISTS: Paul Borderi + Jane Polkinghorne; Rowan Conroy; Mitchel Cummings; Ryszard Dabek; Sarah Goffman & Peter Jackson + Jane Polkinghorne; C.Moore Hardy; Andrew Hazewinkel; Bronia Iwanczak; Anne Kay; Emma Lindsay; Peter Nelson; Elvis Richardson; Elizabeth Wild

Many of us, artists, photographers (and regular folk), accumulate sets and series of photographs. Types of images build up on our cameras and computers with no particular intention, no particular use in mind. We may have an idea to one day use these images for a particular project, but usually the images go on accumulating with no specific purpose in mind. We use the camera to investigate and interrogate, research and document the environments around us, with often the most banal or ugly or discombobulating elements being those we choose to focus on. Acknowledging, addressing, publishing and presenting these categories, sets and affiliations is the purpose of the exhibition Bookish.

The key figure for this show and its approach to photo books is Ed Ruscha and his very particular and highly influential model of photo books: photographs grouped together to form a loose category, reproduced in book format, with little or no accompanying text. Titles include: Twenty Six Gasoline Stations, Various Small Fires, Thirty Four Parking Lots, Some Los Angeles Apartments, Nine Swimming Pools and a Broken Glass, Real Estate Opportunities, Every Building on the Sunset Strip.

Ruscha’s books investigated vernacular architecture, ubiquitous elements of and within urban spaces of Los Angeles in a deadpan manner influencing and not dissimilar in approach to the German photographers Bernd and Hilla Becher. However in Ruscha’s work his deadpan delivery is reinforced through the printing – commercially done with no reference to the high-end fine art book market.

Another reference point for Bookish could be Gerhard Richter’s on-going typological accumulation and assortment of images Atlas. In Atlas Richter has organised his own photographs, as well as printed images and material from newspapers and magazines, his drawings, sketches and paint samples onto hundreds of sheets of card, each sheet having its own associated lexicon of images.

Please click here to read the artists’ statements on their books.

Jane Polkinghorne

Gallery Door

Richard Gurney
Pirouette Dream 

Pirouette Dream detail, 2013
Photoshoot playlist:
Dusty Springfield – Baby Blue
Deborah Washington – Standing in the Shadows of Love
Tracey Weber – Sure Shot
Sister Sledge – Love Don’t You Go Through No Changes On Me
The Supremes – I’m Gonna Let My Heart Do the Walking
Gayle Adams – Love Fever
Norma Jean Wright – Saturday

Toilet Door

Gianni Wise
Spectres of the Spectrum

Materials: Plastic, resin, plastic coated wire, telecommunications cabling, acrylic paint, plasticine, portable radio, digital voice tracer, electricians tape. Audio sampling from “Tribulation 99”, director: Craig Baldwin, 1992.

The planet has ended up as a polluted cesspool of toxic, corrupting transmissions where its citizens expend terrific energy pursuing the most base rewards of a vacuous consumer culture. And we’re lovin’ it!

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