September Project: Francesca Heinz


Saturday and Sunday 24 – 25 September 2016, 11-5pm
Launch from 6pm Friday 23 September

CASTING #1 is documentation of a body casting filmed over 9 hours at
Marrickville Garage.
In an endeavour to produce a replica body to later work from, it details the process of a group of artists creating a mould of the female form.
Heinz’s method shows the collaborative nature of art practice and seeks to survey the relationship between multiple bodies in space.

Featuring: Sach Catts, Adrian Gebers, Paul Greedy, Francesca Heinz, Kieryn McKay and Hannah Riley.

Francesca Heinz, Casting #1, detail.  Marrickville Garage, September 2016

Francesca Heinz, Casting #1, detail.

Francesca Heinz was born in Christchurch New Zealand. Her practice includes drawing, sculpture, video and performance. In 2010 Heinz completed an MFA at Sydney University College of the Arts.

Her practice investigates the presentation of the female body throughout history and in contemporary society. Heinz is interested in how the female figure can act as a visual vessel or a conduit in contemporary societies, often reflecting current tastes and political values. The use of latex as a substitute for skin means her sculptural forms are often visually grotesque, lumpy and flaccid. She sees the mask or ‘masking’ as an essential conceptual component of her practice. Often providing humour or absurdity but also speaking to greater ideas of ‘femininity’ and role-playing.

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