September Projects 2013 | Josie Cavallaro

Josie Cavallaro: Spin, 2013, mixed media

Josie Cavallaro: Spin, 2013, mixed media

Opening drinks 6-8pm Friday 30th August
Garage is open Saturday 31 August & Sunday 1 September, 11-4 pm


Josie Cavallaro

A set of freshly cleaned wine glasses are positioned to dry on top of a washing machine as it moves through a wash cycle. As the machine begins to spin, an orchestra of glasses clink and chatter wildly for the duration of the spin cycle. Spin re-stages the oddity of this domestic moment which evolved with embellishment for the sake of display.

Video of Spin in operation at Marrickville Garage

Gallery Door

Digby Webster
Welcome to the Jungle

Digby Webster’s vibrant and evocative paintings express a unique visual language that comes across through his choice of palette and strong purposeful line. For the Marrickville Garage Door Digby has created a new work that juxtaposes the chaos and conflict of urban living using a clearly delineated style linking to cartoon and modernist painting tropes.

Toilet Door

Annie Aitken

A code – repeated abstract marks – a related word.
A four letter word from which a thread of other words flow.
A word connected to another, and another and another…
A covert form to be deciphered.
A preface to a body of partly-coded stitched works.

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