Marrickville Garage Residency fundraiser

Bammy Residency view

The view from the jetty at the Bammy Residency

Marrickville Garage is getting a residency programme up and running. The Bammy Residency is located in an old farm house on the edge of Mangrove Creek 90min north of Sydney. And it needs some work to make it habitable for artists. We will be offering the residency in 2014. Stay tuned for more details!

Join us on Saturday 2oth July 2013 from 12-4pm, 28 Leofrene Ave, Marrickville, enter via Riverdale.

Artists who have donated work include: Emma Lindsay,  Sarah Goffman, Mark Titmarsh, Justene Williams, Toni Warburton, Nuha Saad, Anne Kay, Sarah Newall, Ali Noble, Sally Clarke, Trevor Fry, Reto, Elizabeth Pulie, Brenda Factor, TWILIGHT GIRLS – Helen Hyatt-Johnston and Jane Polkinghorne, Alex Gawronski, Bridget Minatel, Sara Givins, Biljana Jancic, Brad Buckley, Sue Beyer, Cherine Fahd, Josie Cavallaro, Fiona Polkinghorne, Somchai Charoen, Liane Rossler, Bronia Iwanczak, Paul White, Annie Aitken, Andrew Hazewinkel, Mitchell Cumming Jurgen Kerkovius, Kim Connerton, Meredith Lynch, Mark Shorter, Lisa Andrew

All works are on sale for $250, first in first buy!

Bring your cash, load up on amazing art!

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