July 2013 Projects | Bridget Minatel

Bridget Minatel: Pixar Mountain, 2013 Aluminium wire, dimensions variable

Bridget Minatel: Pixar Mountain, 2013 Aluminum wire, dimensions variable

Opening Drinks Friday 5 July 6pm- 8pm
Marrickville Garage is open for viewing Sat 6 July & Sun 7 July, 11am-4pm


Bridget Minatel

My current practice is driven by a fascination with the power of mathematics to describe natural complexity. This work endeavours to highlight the shapes and patterns that map the world around us, creating rhythmic and infinite visual designs that explore the efficiency and appeal in pattern-making through tessellation. Contrasted against measured geometry is the imperfect, by incorporating the random and the accidental – a characteristic inherent in the natural environment.

Examples of a geometric force that underpins nature and has influenced this body of work are the natural structures of: the Giant’s Causeway rock formations in Ireland, the hexagonal tessellation of beehives, and the atomic structure of crystals; all of which are intrinsically linked to abstract mathematics and geometry.


Gallery Door

Golden Entrance
Kim Connerton

In “Golden Entrance” I light up the surface of the door and define the doorway, a threshold, as one that leads into a world where the surface of the sun is reflected. “Golden Entrance” is apart of my ongoing installation and architectural series, “Pre-Life Spaces”.


Toilet Door

Good Times
Sarah Nolan

Triggering memories from my early childhood of where I grew up, this work is based on my initial response to viewing the installation site’s buildings and garden… red brick early twentieth century architecture, buffalo grass, plastic door strips and the green, red and yellow faded wooden outdoor furniture that my sister and I painted white one afternoon.

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