July Project 2015: Danica Knezevic

Lay With Me
Danica Knezevic
Saturday and Sunday, 25-26th July, 11-4pm.
Closing event 3-5pm Sunday 26th July 2015.

We don’t have time to say how we feel, or we are too busy to know how we feel; this is a nurturing space, to lie with each other and to be present in a calm, visible and warm space. I am lying on a bed, waiting for you to lay with me. I can hold you or just your hand, spoon you or you can spoon me, or you can just lie next to me.

The basic needs of each other are fundamental and cannot be achieved individually. The need to be mirrored, and the ongoing necessity of a reflection, is crucial in order to preserve and construct an internal monologue that defines the self. The ever-changing understanding of our self fluctuates in these experiences.

Danica Knezevic: Lay With Me, 2015

Danica Knezevic: Lay With Me, 2015

Our pains are relative, and our thirsts, our doubts, our desires and our dreams all maintain and develop our sense of self. Our modern, technology driven lives are steered and heightened by time expectation. In this busy modern culture there is little space for connection and intimacy. This audience participatory performance is about being present, and aware of our emotions, (that may be conscious or unconscious), and sharing those with another.

This work is an idyllic, inclusive performance space where the self is not a subject or instigator of desire or sex, but rather offers a calm, intimate, silent and warm space.

**By entering the space you acknowledge that the work is performance and will be filmed and photographed for the artist’s documentation. If you do not wish to be filmed or photographed then please do not enter the space. Thank you.




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