February Project: Daisy Chain


Opening: Friday 21 February: 6 – 8pm, including special appearance by dj combover curating selections from the Trevor Fry Vinyl Collection.
SPECIAL GUESTS: Destiny Haz Arrived will do an acknowledgement of Country around 7pm, with a visually spectacular performance later in the evening.

On view Saturday and Sunday 22- 23 February 11 – 5pm

Daisy Chain mock. Fantasy pic: Trevor Fry

Daisy Chain mock-up. Fantasy pic by Trevor Fry

Daisy Chain is a formal trick to generate a social and aesthetic situation in which ten artists were initially sent the Daisy Chain email invitation to participate in a weekend social/art event at artist run space Marrickville Garage.

Daisy Chain is a momentary social, artistic experiment that will dissipate, leaving residues of potential and possibilities, connecting in unexpected ways through networks of friendship and art practice to generate an unpredictable assembly in an event of unknown scale and content.

djcombover posing with a piece of Trevor Fry's vinyl collection

djcombover posing with a piece of Trevor Fry’s vinyl collection

Marrickville Garage is the ideal venue for an experiment like Daisy Chain, which aims to fill the garage to excess with art and goodwill. The final form of the event will be unpredictable – it could be excessive and chaotic with artworks and people crammed into the space, or it might be quiet and tasteful, depending on how the system works and what kind of atmosphere is generated. The outcome, whatever it is, will be a social event that brings artists together in a momentary formation that then dissipates, but with residues of potential to lead on to other things.

LaDonna Rama by Bunny Hoop Star

LaDonna Rama by Bunny Hoop Star

Participating artists :
Heidi Abraham, Jim Anderson, Lisa Andrew, Arkie (Jed Arkell), Chris Bajic, Clementine Barnes, Majella Barbe, Clementine Barnes, Lionel Bawden, Paul Borderi, Rachel Buckeridge, Jana Cironis, Olga Cironis, Sally Clarke, Jo Cuzie, Fiona Davies, Stephen Eastaugh, Jacqi Enema, Brenda Factor, Eirini Fokas, Trevor Fry, Sarah Georgopolis, Sara Givins, Steph Glover, Sarah Goffman, Rebecca Gurney, Richard Gurney, C.Moore Hardy, Tina Havelock Stevens, Michael Joyce, B.K, Danica Knezevic, Niko Knezevic, Zuga Kosaku, Gillian Lavery, Erna Lilja, Trisha MacFarleigh-Roberts, Jorge Mansilla, Francesca Mataraga, Nanna Madge, Margaret Mayhew, Lucy Merrett, Eva Millares, Michael Myers, Nell, Sarah Newall, R.O., Luke Parker + Elizabeth Pulie, Diann Payne,  Jane Polkinghorne, Emma Pressman, Robert Pulie, Greer Rochford, Louise Rooney, Pablo Says, Jane Schneider, Schappylle Scragg, Brendan Smith, Yasmin Smith, Phil Soliman, Paul Solly, John Spiteri, Sally Stoneman, Trash Vaudeville, Phil Aston Williams + Justin Henderson, Yiorgos Zafiriou, India Zegan.


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