April 2013 projects

Sophie V Coombs "Content Provider" (detail), 2013

Sophie V Coombs: Content Provider (detail), 2013

Opening drinks 6-8pm Friday 5th April
Marrickville Garage is open Sat 6 & Sun 7 April, 11 -5pm


Sophie V Coombs
Content Provider
Depicted in these drawings are early adapters. These are the ones who have mastered the skills needed to fully participate in this space.

Gallery Door Project

Jane Polkinghorne
I’m a Brick House
In referencing the famous Commodores’ song “Brick House”, which itself was based on the phrase “built like a brick shit house”, Polkinghorne mashes together the obvious (Marrickville Garage IS made of brick), the reference (the song and the phrase), the sign (the work is made from brick look-a-like wallpaper) and her own body (she’s kinda chunky).

Toilet Door Project

Penny Polkinghorne
Home 1, 2013, outside
What a tangled web, 2013, inside
Penny Polkinghorne makes sculptures from found materials both natural and waste products, using traditional female craft techniques.These works are part of a series on cocoons, nests and webs with home as a haven or secure refuge.

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