Election Special 2016: WORM


25-26 June 2016, with an election BBQ and drinks from 2pm Sunday 25th June.


WORM celebrates the 2016 Federal Election, whereby a new federal parliament is voted in by the people of Australia under the Crown of the United Kingdom of Great Britain. Inspired by the graphic ‘worm’ in the great televised election debates, this exhibition will track all the ups and downs, highs and lows of the election campaign as we celebrate this great expression of the will of the Australian People!

Artists include Lynne Barwick, Ryszard Dabek, Scott Donovan, Trevor Fry, Alex Gawronski, Tina Havelock Stevens, Margaret Mayhew / Schappylle Scragg, Ian Milliss, Jane Polkinghorne, Elvis Richardson, Philipa Veitch, Gary Warner.

2 responses to “Election Special 2016: WORM

  1. Looks interesting. Would have been nice to have invited along to participate in the fun. Goes Im not humorous enough or something. A bit sad really. Its rather sad feeling to be on the outside of the inner city Sydney art community.



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