July Project 2014 | Pulped

Opens Friday 4th July 2014, 6-8pm | Saturday and Sunday 5th & 6th July 11- 5pm |

Melissa Harvey


Melissa Harvey’s process- driven work examines the complexities of abstraction and representation through the use of techniques, processes, images, and language drawn from vernacular cultural and prosaic experience.
Using pulped, cotton fabrics from old cloths, ‘Pulped’ is a drawing sprayed in layers directly onto the walls of Marrickville Garage.

The narrative that occurs between the reflective nature of the hard mottled surface of the walls, and the contrasting abstract shapes and urgent colours of the soft material, explores the material history of urban life in the inner west.

Please see more of Melissa’s work at www.melissajeanharvey.com

Social scene, July Projects:





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