May Project: Lynne Barwick


Artist: Lynne Barwick
Opening Friday 2nd May, 6-8pm
Marrickville Garage will be open Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th May, 11-5 pm

Like a structured language is an immersive text work that references the use of language and systems in early conceptual art. In an excess of description and definition, the installation sounds out some of the vernacular legacy of conceptualism.

Lynne Barwick’s text-based artworks use literary devices from fiction, autobiography, criticism and concrete poetry to explore subjectivity and affect in the interplay of language and representation.

See more of Lynne’s work at her website:

One response to “May Project: Lynne Barwick

  1. sorry I missed this, (outta town), it really inspires me. Also, the space would have added that contemplative process …. which the text encourages… Shall look forward to the next one. caio

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